Homework for Friday 03/18: In class drawing of the book I read to you. Book report of the chosen book from Spronkwing Bookstore, due by Friday 03/25. 

 In Class Work for Wednesday 03/16: Writing Project 2 - If I hand you a paperclip, a piece of pink construction paper, a popsicle stick, and a brownie.

What is your first thought when I hand it to you?

What do you do with each item separately?

What would you make out of all the items I passed you? 


Due March 11th: Advertisement Project
Due March 9th: Journal Book and Blogs

In Class Work for Friday 03/04: Writing Project 1- If you were principal of OSE what would be things you'd change to the school and what would be some things you'd add? 

Homework for Wednesday 2/23: Math work, you had to finish the Addition Facts Table in the notecard and then you had to create your very own Addition Facts Table in any art program. Due on Friday. 

Homework for Monday 2/21: Write a sentence for each word on your Spelling List for this week. If you do not have a list, please check past notices in the class group. 

Homework for Friday 02/18: No Homework.